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BlendConf 2014 Discount Code

In September I will be presenting a talk at BlendConf 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina! I have never been there, so it will be quite the vacation for me. I'm super excited and humbled to be chosen to present among many talented people in the tech and design … [Read More...]

Example of Stackable Cards

Today I Learned About Replaced Elements

There is a new feature I am working on at work that necessitates me to add a rotated element behind an image. I could easily just add another div to the DOM, but I wanted to do it with a CSS pseudo element to cut down on markup. Ideally, I would just add a … [Read More...]


An End to Front-end & Ruby on Rails Session 7

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of watching the culmination of 8 weeks worth of work that went into the final projects of the students who took my class over at General Assembly. I saw everything from an aggregator of fitness clubs in the greater New … [Read More...]